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Robin Blanchard, DNAP, CRNA

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Schedule Anesthesia Services for Cases with Dr. Blanchet


Customize your email notifications (per event, or daily digest) by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner of the calendar window.


The calendar date/day is shown in 3-day, 15-minute increments. 

  • Click and drag on the desired date/time to add a new case. 
  • Enter the Procedure as the event Title
  • Select the appropriate Dr under Dr’s Schedule. 
  • Enter the Patient Details:
    • Name, Date of Birth (DOB), Phone, Email, and full Mailing address.
  • Procedure Notes (if applicable), AND
  • Last, but not least upload any relevant documents, such as:
    • History & physical
    • Face sheet
    • Patient demographics
    • Labs/X-rays/Tests
  • Click “Save”
    •  The patient will receive their anesthesia care instructions via email.

Additional guidance can be found in the TeamUp Getting Started Guide

  1. IF your practice has multiple Doctors, clicking on the View Icon (👁️) next to a Doctor’s name before clicking on the calendar to add a case will automatically select that Doctor when you add a case to the schedule.
  2. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking the double arrow (≪) on the left side of the top bar.
  3. Please call (804-241-8396) if you would like to schedule a non-standard day or if you do not have a scheduler login.

Need to schedule a case?

📌 Use the calendar below to log into TeamUp and schedule, reschedule, and cancel cases with Robin Blanchard, DNAP, CRNA OR to upload patient information.